Erectile Dysfunction

Honeymoon & first night is always thrilling and exciting for newlyweds. The building of sexual tension, nervousness, anxiety & anticipation of first touch or kiss can be exhilarating for anyone. Decorated bed with milk & fruits beside it, on the bedside table, switches the brain on for the oncoming ecstasy & orgasm via a good sexual intimacy session that will culminate in intercourse.
When a male gets sexually excited, his sex organ begins to harden and erect in anticipation of wonderful foreplay & penetration. This is where erectile dysfunction comes in and spoils the whole sexual mood for those who suffer from this male sex abnormality. Erectile dysfunction brings a friend along, which is impotence that gives the killer blow to a marriage before it even begins!!

Erectile Dysfunction
For a male sex organ to penetrate his female counterpart, it should be erect and hard; otherwise, it just would not go & stay inside. This generates frustration for the couple along with angst, despair, anger & irritation; the negative emotions that will ruin marital bliss forever.
In simple terms, erectile dysfunction is the condition where the male sex organ is unable to harden or stay in the erect position that is needed for sexual intercourse. Constant erection troubles cause impotency which demoralizes the affected individual and his partner & creates stress and major relationship issues. There are effective treatments for erectile dysfunction in Ayurveda.
With a male who is afraid to come out for help with his sexual abnormality, there is no chance to run a family. The female will start seeking sex elsewhere which will ultimately ruin the lives of the couple. It is very difficult for the male ego to fathom he is impotent which might cause him to stay in his comfort zone forever.
The problems causing erectile dysfunction might be prolonged masturbation along with underlying health issues which should be treated accordingly. It could be a major risk factor for heart diseases as well.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction
With so many factors involved in male sexual arousal such as brains, hormones, emotions, nerves, muscles & blood vessels, an issue with any of these can result in erectile dysfunction. Physical & psychological issues can combine to cause erectile dysfunction. Treatment for erectile dysfunction means understanding the issue right and treat for the same.

Physical Causes
Heart-related physical problems such as clogged blood vessels, high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, diabetes & obesity along with hormonal imbalances or metabolic syndrome can give rise to erectile dysfunction. Other major diseases that can pave the way for this
male sex abnormality would be Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, alcoholism, sleep disorders & Peyronie’s disease which is forming of scar tissue inside male sex organ.

Psychological Causes
With the nature of this particular male sex abnormality, it is very easy for the affected individual to contract depression, stress, anxiety & nervousness. These can elevate the condition of erectile dysfunction. Also, people who have chronic depression & inferiority complex about themselves with poor relationship skills can have erectile dysfunction.

Risk factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction
An aging body will have difficulty in causing an erection & maintaining it. As mentioned before, medical conditions related to the heart can bring forth erectile dysfunction. The bodies of chain smokers & long-time tobacco users will have a problem with proper blood flow into arteries and veins that leads to chronic health conditions & this particular male sex abnormality. Obesity along with surgeries on prostate or radiation treatment for cancer can cause erectile dysfunction.

How erectile dysfunction affects a person?
A male with erectile dysfunction will have a very unsatisfactory sex life as he will not be able to give or receive sexual pleasure along with not able to make his partner pregnant. This results in stressful situations that lead to depression & maybe loneliness that can drag him to the brink of suicide. Relationship issues with low morale & embarrassment in front of society.

Why Ayurveda for erectile dysfunction?
Ayurvedic treatment for erectile dysfunction is referred to as Vajeekarana. Vrikshya Chikitsa or Vajeekarana is mentioned in Ashtanga Ayurveda & it gives an idea about natural aphrodisiacs, virility along with ways to improve the health of progeny.

Erection according to Ayurveda
Ayurveda notes sex as the third most important aspect of life. When there is a desire to have sex by a male, there is a drastic increase in response to an appropriate touch. The Vayu in skin takes the sensation to the brain, which stimulates the body to be in a mood of arousal or Harsha. As a reaction to this, Harsha escalates the effect of Vayu which in turn releases the Teja or heat of Pitta. This Tejas along with Vayu causes an increase in body temperature, along with heartbeat & blood flow to sex organ which ultimately result in an erection. The cream of Shukra or semen comes out of the body only during ejaculation.

Therapies & treatments in Ayurveda
Ayurveda has a plethora of herbal remedies & natural aphrodisiacs that can be used in the treatment of this male sex abnormality known as erectile dysfunction. These medicinal preparations increase one’s stamina, potency, virility & can help in the cure of any muscle damage along with the removal of internal scar observed in the case of Peyronie’s disease. It improves the quality of one’s erection & the time for which the sex organ stays erected and hard. Along with erectile dysfunction, these medicines also cure premature ejaculation by rejuvenating the whole male reproductive system.

A general idea of the Ayurvedic therapy
Vajeekarana or Vrikshya Chikitsa involves body cleansing (shodhan) via emesis (vaman), purgation (virechan) & sweating (swedan). The thoroughly cleansing the body through this method of shodhan, herbal medicines are given to affected males to remove the elements that are causing an imbalance in the system. By administering cell rejuvenating herbs, the body recovers well with the sex organ back to normal & in full condition, raring to go.

Sanjeevani Clinic & Erectile dysfunction
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