Low Sperm Count

The Long Wait!!!
Married females will be awaiting the day she gets pregnant with so much anxiousness & anticipation. It comes as a crushing blow to know, the male does not have enough viable sperm to impregnate his partner. This can lead to an onset of marital issues & a lot of embarrassment and despair for males. With building frustration & anger, it would be difficult for the couple to stay in a smooth relationship and thus resulting in extramarital relationships & divorce.

A male sex abnormality in which, sperm count is lower than normal in seminal fluid is referred to as oligospermia. Lower sperm count happens when a male’s seminal fluid contains less than 15 million sperm per millilitre of semen. This grossly reduces the chances of a male to father a child.
Some of the symptoms of oligospermia would be erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, swelling or pain in the testicular area. Chromosomal or hormonal abnormalities can bring forth this sexual abnormality in males.

Causes of oligospermia
Sperm production requires hypothalamus & pituitary glands working together with the normal functioning of testicles. The produced sperm is transferred via tubes to mix with semen, for proper ejaculation. Issues can arise with abnormal shape, motility or function.
There could be several factors that contribute to this particular male sex abnormality. These can be concluded in three main categories, which include medical, environmental, along with health & lifestyle issues.

Medical Issues
Varicocele is a condition wherein there is swelling in veins of testicles, which drains the sperm into semen. This results in very little or no sperm in the seminal fluid. Some sexual infections such as HIV or gonorrhoea can cause scarring inside the sex organ that blocks sperm from mixing with semen.
Inflammation of epididymis or testicles can cause oligospermia. Sometime sperm might enter the bladder instead of mingling with semen. This condition is retrograde ejaculation & it can happen due to diabetes, surgery of bladder, prostate or urethra and spinal injuries. Some blood pressure medications of the class of alpha-blockers can cause ejaculation issues.
There might be very rare cases where the body produces antibodies against sperm. Tumours can contribute to oligospermia along with undescended testicles. Chromosomal defects & hormonal imbalances can cause to have very low or no sperm in the seminal fluid. Defects in tubes that carry sperm undoubtedly cause this male sex abnormality.
Celiac disease, which is caused due to the body allergic to gluten can cause oligospermia. Some cancer medications along with testosterone replacement therapy and long term anabolic steroid use can result in this frightening male sex abnormality. Medications for ulcer & major abdominal surgeries along with repairing of hernia has a chance to cause the condition of oligospermia.

Environmental Causes
Exposure to heavy metals, industrial chemicals & X-rays can cause damage to testis. Overheating of the scrotum, maybe even with a laptop kept right on top of that body part, might prove dangerous. Sitting for a long period without giving body enough rest can cause oligospermia.

Health & Lifestyle Issues
Extensive drug, alcohol, & tobacco use can cause bodily harm, along with certain occupations such as welding. This can cause oligospermia. Also, depression, emotional stress & obesity can be the reason for a male to have this sex abnormality. Oligospermia.
There could be a case wherein, no viable reason can be seen for the onset or cause of oligospermia. These cases are referred to as Idiopathic Oligospermia or oligoasthenoteratozoospermia.
Treatment of Oligospermia can be done using both Ayurvedic & Allopathic medicines.

Ayurveda & oligospermia
According to Ayurveda, Oligospermia is denoted by the term Shukra kshaya. A lot of herbal solutions & formulations along with the right use of Panchakarma Chikitsa can be used, to treat Oligospermia. Ayurveda therapies that can rejuvenate the whole body, especially the affected area of testicles and prostate, can help the body to gain strength, stamina, potency & virility.
Treatment of oligospermia using Ayurveda provides a natural way of therapy & hence no side effects and this condition can be cured or at least brought under control naturally.

Allopathic therapy for oligospermia
Treatment of oligospermia using Allopathic therapy is done in two different ways. In the first category of therapy, the affected male is encouraged to have sex as many times as possible with his partner. His partner’s ovulation period is tracked meticulously & the sexual intercourse is done during this ovulation period. Care should be taken to not use artificial lubricants, just the natural fluids of male & female. This first category could be classified as home remedies.
The second category would be the use of medicine. Varicocele requires surgery, wherein the doctor will repair the damaged veins & close them off. The blood with sperm will be redirected to other veins so that it can reach the seminal fluid. A surgery puts so much stress on the body that, one might need antibiotics as medication. These antibiotics can be used to treat infections & inflammation. However, this will not increase the amount of sperm in semen; but, there would be no more decrease in sperm count.
Major lifestyle changes can help in treating oligospermia. For instance, obese people can try and lose their excess weight and maintain their acquired healthy body. This could improve the amount of sperm entering into seminal fluid. By stopping to use alcohol, drugs & tobacco, one can try and help the body along to recover from chronic abuse. This, in turn, will result in a healthy body & improve in sperm count.
Hormonal imbalances can be treated using hormonal therapies. A variety of medications that can be injected into the body along with lifestyle changes as mentioned before can help an affected person in the road to recovery from oligospermia.
The last resort in allopathic medicine will be to consult a fertility doctor. Still, it will be a major risk with high concern for a male’s partner to conceive or become pregnant.

Side Effects
The medications used in the treatment can cause side effects, that might need separate & proper attention and it might make the male lethargic from the weight of the medicines on cells & tissues of the body.

Sanjeevani Clinic & Oligospermia
We at Sanjeevani Clinic, under the best sex specialty doctor in India, who practices Ayurvedic medicine thrives in helping all affected males with personalized treatments that will rejuvenate their body, while bringing back marital bliss.