Night Fall
Wet Dreams

Almost every male fantasizes of having vivid sex dreams that can stimulate his imagination of how he would like to go about sex during waking life. A male thinks wet dreams can help to achieve wonderful orgasms in waking life, & there is a slim chance of him getting ideas of going about sexual intercourse.
However, if these wet dreams are accompanied by seminal discharge or if & when a male achieves orgasm in sleep with visible semen or sperm stains on the cloth or bed sheet, this could be a serious case of nocturnal emission; a male sex abnormality.

Who gets this nocturnal emission?
Males who are in the adolescent age group & towards the end of the teenage period are more susceptible to wet dreams accompanied by this male sex abnormality. In simple terms, this sex abnormality causes the male sex organ to emit seminal discharges during sleep; the trigger of this might be dreaming about sex, commonly known as wet dreams. Nocturnal emission is a common occurrence in males who are entering puberty.

Excessive Nocturnal Emission
Considered to be the next stage of a nocturnal emission, the excessive version is a severe case, wherein the body discharges seminal fluids during sleep, with or without experiencing erotic dreams over a period of 2 months or more.

The causes observed would be due to over-production of discharges which have a thin consistency with spasms & weakness in seminal vesicles. This is most commonly seen in people who intake semen producing diets. If a sexually active person gets into a situation wherein he is not able to have intercourse for a prolonged period of time, nocturnal emissions might occur to him. Weak kidneys might also be a reason for this male sex abnormality.

The major symptoms of the male sex abnormality that affects the reproductive system, which is known as nocturnal emissions could be characterized by symptoms such as insomnia, difficult urination, mild night sweats, restlessness & emotional disturbances.

Nocturnal emissions bring forth various life-threatening risk factors in males who masturbate less than normal. This male sex abnormality can cause serious harm to the body via physical weakness. It also results in sexual & mental weaknesses.
Physical weaknesses like poor vision, along with dizziness & knee pain could be notable symptoms. Untreated nocturnal emissions can cause memory problems. The major disability would be a decrease in sperm count & an inability to perform sexually.
Treatment of nocturnal emissions can be done using Ayurvedic & Allopathic system of medicines. Medications involved in Allopathic system are not much effective as Ayurvedic treatments, with Unani coming close behind.

Treatment of Nocturnal Emission via Ayurveda
Various Ayurvedic herbs & plants can be supplemented into a male’s diet for rejuvenating the reproductive system. The herbal drugs used for nocturnal emission include roots, stems & leaves of these plants. With these plant medicines rich in, adequate vitamins & minerals that help in improving the blood flow through damaged cells & tissues, the whole reproductive system becomes healthier & stronger. This strengthens the muscle cells & tissues of the sex organ which aids in curing nocturnal emission through proper Ayurvedic therapy. Treatment with the help of medicinal plants helps improve the thickness of semen along with strengthening & toning of kidney cells and tissues.

Treatment of Nocturnal Emission through Allopathic therapy
Allopathic treatments employ drugs in the class of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI) for treating nocturnal emission. Although it helps the body in some way, these medicines are predominantly anti-depressants and hence can affect one’s brain.

Side Effects
Major side effects of these drugs involve decreased sexual libido. These medicines might complicate the case of nocturnal emissions as well. Allopathic treatment of nocturnal emission could be a hit or miss & thus, should be used after knowing all the pros and cons of the treatment as well as medications.

Treatment of Nocturnal Emission through Unani medicine
Proper dietary control with drugs that can decrease the production of seminal fluid is the major treatment method used in the system of Unani medicine. Medications that make semen thick, is one another way, which is identical to that of Ayurvedic therapy along with rejuvenating kidney cells. It is essentially the same technique that is used both in Unani & Ayurveda but the medications and treatment techniques differ, although both use natural ingredients.

Some preventive measures that can be employed
Sleeping in the right position according to the requirements of one’s body is a very important preventive measure. Chronic masturbation & other sexually stimulating activities in excess should be avoided as the body needs rest and a chance to relax & rejuvenate. Stay calm by avoiding tension & stress that can affect one’s body, brain, and mind. Too much spice is not good for health. Sexually stimulating movies & other entertainment related to this should be avoided as these can put stress on one’s body & mind. A healthy sexual routine with your partner can help you in getting rid of the male sex abnormality such as nocturnal emissions.

Sanjeevani Clinic & Nocturnal Emissions
With best and top sex specialist doctor in India at our disposal, along with a dedicated, experienced team with great expertise in treating male sex abnormalities or sex-related diseases seen in males other than STDs, we at Sanjeevani Clinic pride in helping affected males get past their medical issues. Adolescents & youth who have just attained puberty can approach us if any of you have any sex-related abnormality. As we employ Ayurvedic therapy techniques for the treatment of nocturnal emissions, it can rest assured that, you will be cured for lifelong without any side-effects. This will help you lead a life experimenting with sexual techniques without any fear of contracting any male sex abnormalities.