Penis Enlargement

Stimulated Sex-organ & Orgasms
An Indian male during the day on which he loses virginity to his partner, mostly during first-night or honeymoon, will be so excited about having intercourse. His sex organ will be excited with oozing pre-cum while getting erected & stimulated. A normal sex organ will have enough length & width and girth, while erected, which can reach the doorstep of a female’s uterus; the width & girth aiding in shooting enough semen with a good sperm count that can help make his partner pregnant through fertilization of sperm with female’s ova or egg. An added benefit would be providing his partner with orgasm, one or many, according to his technique in performing the intercourse. A male would get to experience orgasm for himself as well, at the end of the sexual intercourse process.

A small sex organ!!
For some males, the erected or stimulated sex organ will be smaller than usual. This causes problems when a couple tries to conceive. Since the sex organ is small, the male will not able to shoot enough quantity of semen or the sperm will not be able to swim until it reaches the outer layer, zona pellucida, of egg & hence there will be no fertilization. The female will not get pregnant.

How it affects marriage life?
Most of the time, males will be very much embarrassed to admit such a condition to their partner by refraining from sex or anyone in his family. Finally, when his partner comes to know about this male sex abnormality, she will consider him as impotent & will resort to other ways such as extensive foreplay just to experience orgasms. When society puts pressure on the couple & starts blaming females, as per the norm in India, she will get frustrated, irritated & angry, which will most definitely lead to extra-marital affairs for a child & orgasms. This will ultimately result in divorce, thus ruining the lives of two entire families.

Causes of Small erected sex organ
Engorged erectile tubes with blood can cause the sex organ to be flaccid while attempting sexual intercourse. Weight gain by a male in the abdominal area gives a perception that their sex organ is small, but it is not. Male who has had prostate surgery for cancer treatment observe a reduction in the size of their sex organ.
Peyronie’s disease which is caused due to scar tissue in & on sex organs through small sex or sports injuries can be a major reason for an erected but small phallus. This scar formation can reduce the length & girth or circumference of a sex organ. Peyronie’s disease can result in bending & pain as well. It can be resolved using surgery.

Smoking is injurious to health!!
It has been observed that smoking any type of cigarettes or tobacco products can cause injury to blood vessels in the sex organ of a male. Even if there are adequate stimuli from the brain, a sex organ with an injury such as this will not get erect during excitation or stimulation.

Psychological causes that affect sex organ
Worrying about the size of sex organ cause intense anxiety & inferiority complex in males, which makes them weak in the practical side of sexual intercourse. This condition in males is noted as Small Penis Syndrome or PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder). Doctors see it as an extension of BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) which is a psychological issue seen in humans.

People with actual micropenis or a very small erected sex organ, have a phallus that is way too smaller than the average size when it gets stimulated.

Fun facts on a male sex organ!!

Average sizes of sex organ
➢ 3.6 inches – the average length of flaccid sex organ
➢ 5.3 inches – the average length of flaccid sex organ that is trying to get erect
➢ 5.2 inches – the average length of erect sex organ
➢ 3.7 inches – average circumference of flaccid sex organ
➢ 4.6 inches – average circumference of an erect sex organ
As per overall stats, a sex organ with an average size around or above 6 inches is very rare, making the males having these, a celebrity in the world of “lovemaking”!!!
Treatment of penis enlargement can be done via Ayurvedic & Allopathic therapy techniques.

Ayurveda & penis enlargement
Treatment of penis enlargement via Ayurveda is done the following way: Some concoctions & potions made in form of oil using medicinal plants and herbs can increase the strength of penile muscles and hence, achieve the right size, a sex organ should have normally when it gets stimulated or erected.

Allopathic therapy & penis enlargement
Treatment of penis enlargement through Allopathic treatments include surgery for Peyronie’s disease.
Psychological counseling is given to those who are way too anxious about having a small sex organ. Some of the psychological treatments include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), in which the affected males are made understood about how thoughts & feelings correlate with the physical being of a human bodily system. This helps them to reduce anxiety levels themselves. It is very much necessary to understand & address various anxiety triggers that can result in small penis syndrome. Managing these triggers can help infected individuals get back in track with healthy sex life.
Reducing & stopping the habit of smoking along with maintaining adequate body weight can help any healthy male with active & fun sex life. A form of physical therapy known as penile rehabilitation after surgery as well as taking medicines such as Viagra & Cialis helps affected males with starting & continuing an active sex life. Surgery to remove scar tissues can offer a massive help as well.

Side Effects of Allopathic treatment
An error in surgery along with side effects of medications can bring one back to square one, frustrated, angry & irritated.

Sanjeevani Clinic & sex organ enlargement
Treatment of penis enlargement under the best & top sex specialist doctor in India along with a dedicated and experienced team can give you hope about carrying and experimenting with your sex life. We at Sanjeevani provide you with couple’s counseling along with all therapy techniques Ayurveda offers with no side effects whatsoever. With Ayurveda, you can finally achieve the ultimate marital bliss.