Involuntary Orgasms

Orgasms give a blissful feeling to those who indulge in sexual intercourse. Also, the ejaculation of seminal fluid with a good sperm count can make your partner pregnant through the process of sperm & egg fertilization. Sexual pleasure is obtained through orgasms & can create a lasting impact on the minds of both male and female involved. However, involuntary orgasms can be dangerous for the body as it loses a good amount of fluid content, which can lead to life-threatening situations.

The condition by which a male body experiences uncontrollable or involuntary orgasms is referred to as spermatorrhea. The body loses a considerable amount of seminal fluid as well as sperm due to this condition. It can happen even when the body is not involved in any sexual activities. The affected person might become embarrassed for talking about this condition & hence will stay discrete which can result in irreversible injury that can be life-threatening. As mentioned, the main symptoms include excessive ejaculation which is involuntary. Issues with kidney can also result in this condition of male sex abnormality.
Spermatorrhea is observed more commonly in males, who have just attained puberty & are in adolescent years, with hormonal imbalances, and less or no sexual activity. This can be categorized into benign as well as serious cases.

Causes of Spermatorrhea
Benign spermatorrhea occurs due to hormonal changes during puberty, not involving in sexual intercourse for a long time & accidental discharge of seminal fluids occasionally. Whereas, a serious case of this condition happens due to weak nervous system, hormonal imbalances, along with an enlarged prostate, low libido & overall laziness of bodily systems.
Spermatorrhea can also happen due to kidney disorder and as an extension of nocturnal emission. People who have diabetes & those who take allopathic medicines of the class of tranquilizers, sedatives along with chronic substance abusers such as alcohol, tobacco or drug users have a weak nervous system which can lead to spermatorrhea.
Those males who lead an unhealthy lifestyle with no exercise, excessive sitting in front of a computer system and who are obese along with a body that secretes less testosterone can have this male sex abnormality.

How Spermatorrhea affects marriage?
As with all types of sexual disorders and infections, this male sex abnormality will be very difficult to treat as a constant loss of seminal discharges with sperm does make a person weak. The affected individual would keep it a secret out of fear & embarrassment, and it would be too late by the time he comes out in the open about his particular condition. Frustration, irritation, angst & despair about this issue can break a marriage. The affected individual will be disheartened and it would be very difficult to come back to normal life.

Symptoms of Spermatorrhea
With the symptoms of nocturnal emissions similar to that of spermatorrhea, it would be difficult to distinguish between both. However, while nocturnal emissions discharge thin & watery seminal fluids, spermatorrhea causes ejaculation of thick semen with sperm in them. This can keep ongoing for several months to years. The body of the affected male would be drained of blood & water, as these two are needed for the preparation of semen and sperm.
Some sources say spermatorrhea is a symptom & not a problem which might be a bit misleading.
Apart from this life-threatening condition, conditions such as emotional disturbances, difficult urination, insomnia, restlessness & mild night sweats could indicate either spermatorrhea or nocturnal emission.

Risk factors of Spermatorrhea
The only risk of spermatorrhea is the one that is worth mentioning over again. That is, a person can die due to this condition, during sleep if & when this condition is going on for months and years. A trio of physical, mental & emotional weakness occurs to those who are affected by this male sex abnormality.
With excessive fluid discharge, the body parts that require water in excessive quantity for their function will be affected drastically. For instance, eyes, & knees are parts that can be affected really badly. Since cells require water, the whole body will be affected by a drain in energy. There would be a significant reduction of sperm count and the affected person will not be able to do any sexual activities, let alone intercourse with orgasm.
Treatment for spermatorrhea can be done using Ayurvedic and Allopathic system of medicines.

Ayurvedic therapy of Spermatorrhea
Treatment of spermatorrhea through Ayurveda deals with medicinal herbs, and plants &solutions made using these medicines. The main idea behind administering an Ayurvedic infusion into an affected individual’s body is that this potion helps the weak body to regain strength. Rejuvenation of cells, tissues & organs through these Ayurvedic medicines which are natural, helps the diseased body to fight back against any kind of abnormality it faces. Once the body regains its strength, the abnormality reverts back to normal. The Ayurvedic treatment restores vitality, stamina, virility & strength into the male body. Then all that is needed is to follow a proper diet & a healthy lifestyle. This cure is for an entire lifetime & the male can enjoy a fruitful sexual life with his partner without any kind of complications.

Allopathic therapy
Treatment of spermatorrhea by Allopathic system of medicines is done by incorporating Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI). However, since these are anti-depressants these do more harm to the body than curing it.

Side Effects
Low sexual libido can be a major side effect of using Allopathic medicines.
Preventive measures that can be employed
Some of the preventive measures could be maintaining a healthy lifestyle through proper exercise by avoiding masturbation. Avoiding stressful situations & being calm and composed whenever and wherever possible.

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